002 - What is a map?


Why are maps important and what groups of people use them?

Activity Questions

  1. What is a map?
  2. Why are maps important?
  3. Write a sentence describing why the following people would need to understand how to use a map:
      • A member of the police force.
      • An estate agent.
      • A taxi driver.
      • An ambulance driver.
      • A hiker.
      • A Geography teacher.

Extension - can you think of any other people who would need to be able to read a map?


Many of use donĀ“t always remember the street names or compass directions when describing to someone how to get to a certain place. What we do remember are certain features that stand out; which could be a certain building to a strange looking tree.

  • Your task is to develop an extended piece of writing that describes your route to school from home. The prose will be illustrated with diagrams of the key features.

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