005 - Otzi

Who or what killed the Ice Man?

Investigating Sources


You are an archaeologist/historical detective and it is your job to investigate what or who killed the Ice Man they call Otzi. You will need to gather evidence from the clips below, articles and your own research to devise three theories of how Otzi died. You will present your findings to a team of research scientists in Austria and Italy who will decide who's theory is the most realistic.


  1. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation that will last no more that 5 minutes.
  2. This is an individual assignment.
  3. You will devise three theories of how the Ice Man died.
  4. For each theory you will need evidence to suggest that your theory is correct.
  5. You will also need to include evidence that may go against your theory.
  6. For the conclusion you may devise a separate theory or combine ideas to suggest how Otzi died.

Remember you need a variety of evidence to support a theory otherwise you may misinterpret what has happened!


  • Slide one - your name and a title
  • Slide two - how was he found/where/how old is he?
  • Side three - theory one - evidence for and against the theory

Statement - a sentence introducing your theory.

Explanation - 1 - 3 points that will explain your theory.

Evidence - provide key facts, quotes or statements that support your theory.

  • Slide four - theory two - evidence for and against the theory
  • Slide five - theory three - evidence for and against the theory
  • Slide six - Conclusion - your final theory with evidence
  • Slide seven - Bibliography