009 - Energy

Significant Concept

To have have an understanding of the impact that the growing demand on energy has on our planet.

Key Terminology

Activity One - Describe

  1. Describe world energy consumption using the graph below.
  2. What problems are there with the data?
World Energy Consumption

Image One - World Energy Consumption

World Energy Consumption by Source, Based on Vaclav Smil estimates from Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects together with BP Statistical Data for 1965

Activity Two - Explain

  1. Why has there been an increase in the overall world consumption of energy?


Global Energy Demand - Reuters

Activity Three - Watch

  • Watch the clip below and mind map the different ways that we use oil and why it is becoming more expensive to buy.
  • Watch the clip below and make notes on how oil is formed and the different stages of oil extraction, transportation and refinement.
  • We are strongly influenced by the media. Watch the clip below and write a list of the different methods that the media have used to influence our actions/thoughts.

Activity Four - Guide

GreenPeace is an example of civil societies. They actively encourage us to consider the impact we are having on our Earth today. Watch the clip below to understand the types of events they campaign about.

You are an activist within the GreenPeace organisation and it is your role to develop a concise information guide on the negative impact of oil on the environment. Do think about the different stages of oil production; extraction, transportation and use and how problems can occur across them. Examples are the corner stone of bringing any leaflet to light, but they will need to current.

Key requirements:

  • No more than a double page of A4 - any more and people wont want to read it.
  • Examples are key
  • Interesting and colourful


This will be assessed using criterion B (Investigating) and D (communicating).