007 - Malnutrition

Significant Concept

To understand the concept of malnutrition and to develop a case study example.

Key Terminology

            • Malnutrition
            • Calorie Intake
            • Indicator

Activity One - Draw

  • On A4 paper or a small white board draw a picture of someone who is malnourished. When complete hold the boards/paper up and discuss the similarities and differences between them.

Activity Two - Discuss

  • Describe the average food intake for a family in a MEDC, NIC and LEDC over a month. Images
  • Discuss the differences in the pictures and why it may occur.
  • Is malnutrition or undernourishment a ´poor´ issue? Use the graph below as a prompt.
  • Can calorie intake be an indicator of wealth? Why?
Restless Beings - Child Malnutrition

Activity Three - Watch

  • How can lifestyle choices impact the food you eat?

Activity Four - Design

  1. What problems can malnutrition bring to a society? Read the article by the WHO - click here
  2. Design a poster to raise the awareness of malnourishment within one country.


  • Keep it simple
  • Use specific facts to illustrate your points
  • A4 in size


You will be assessed using Criterion D: Communicating.

Useful Resource

The Food and Agriculture Organisation website will be able to help with country specific data- www.fao.org