005 - Mega Dams

Significant Concept

To have an understanding of how the construction and use of dams can impact the different environments.

Key Terminology

            • Mega dams
            • Social
            • Economic
            • Environmental
            • Political

Activity One - Key Questions

As a group discuss the questions below:

  1. What is a mega dam?
  2. Why are they built?
  3. Name a series of dams that are in use in the world today.
  4. What are the positive impacts of a dam?
  5. What are the negative impacts of a dam?

Overview power point on mega dams

Activity Two - Group Work

In groups of approximately four develop a guide for a specific mega dam. You will be focusing on the social, environmental, economic and political impacts of the dam in terms of its construction and use.


Each member of your group will focus on a specific section of the leaflet. Make sure you write your name on the section that you complete. The following points will need to be included in the leaflet:

  • Define what a mega or multi-purpose dam is.
  • Why are dams built?
  • Why was your chosen dam built?
  • Discuss the political impacts of the dam.
  • Analysize the environmental impacts of the dam.
  • What are the economic implications of the dam?
  • Discuss the social impacts of the dam.
  • Complete a bibliography.

Information sheet - click here


You will be assessed using Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding and C: Thinking Critically.