007 - Conclusion and Evaluation

Factual Question

How can the analysis be synthesised to draw a clear conclusion?

Debatable Question

To what extent can primary data ever be successful?

Key Terminology

            • Evaluate

Define the key term above by using the posters on the cupboards in the classroom.

Activity One - Summarise

For this section you need to summarise what you found in relation to your fieldwork question. It should be clear, concise and no new findings should be raised. It is absolutely fine to say your results did not prove your hypotheses. Your conclusion must be consistent with what you have discussed in your analysis section of the IA. As the word limit is small for this section you are only writing one paragraph.

                • Where your hypotheses proved or not.

                • Illustrate you statements with data.

                • If your results don't follow as expected then say why. Only do this in one or two sentences.

Formal Requirements

            • Title this section - Conclusion

            • Only write a paragraph as you will need to be concise in your synthesis.

            • Word Count - Maximum 100 words

How will I be assessed?

Assessing the Conclusion

Activity Two - Evaluate

In this section you need to review the methodology; how you collected your data and whether there could be any improvements. Consider the following points.

      • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of how the data was collected e.g. where there any problems with the flow meter? How could that process be improved? Explain why that would be a better method.

      • Could the fieldwork questions be changed? Give suggestions of what would be a more appropriate fieldwork question and why?

      • How could the presentation of your data be improved? Explain why that change would make things better.

      • Could the location of the fieldwork be changed? Or should the sites have been chosen in a different way? Explain your answer.

Formal Requirements

            • Title this section - Evaluation

            • Write each critique with a suggested improvement in a separate paragraph

            • Word Count - Maximum 150 words

How will I be assessed?

Assessing the Evaluation