006 - Analysis

Debatable Question

Does the built, social or political fabric of an environment have the largest power over our interactions?

Conceptual Question

How do differing powers impact the urban landscape?

Key Terminology

            • Analyse

Define the key term above by using the posters on the cupboards in the classroom.

Activity One - Analyse

For the written analysis you need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the data you have collected. You need to be able to interpret and explain your results. Where you can you should relate your findings to geographical theory. In many ways this section is written as you would a Science lab report. It is the largest section of this Critical Thinking Project and you need to be able to incorporate your presentation of data into this section. There is a distinct format that you should use for writing this section:

              • You should discuss each hypothesis separately - have them as headings.

              • Describe the general pattern of what you found by referring specifically to your graphs. Make sure you also incorporate the data.

              • Explain why you found what you did. Again you need to refer to evidence and this can be other graphs, cross sectional diagrams or annotated images.

              • Identify and explain any anomalies. Where were they? Illustrate your points with data and evidence from images. Explain why they occurred.

Don't discuss each stopping point separately.

Formal Requirements

            • Title this section - Written Analysis

            • Your graphs/maps/photographs should be fully integrated into this section.

            • Word Count - Maximum 850 words

How will I be assessed?

As this is the largest written section of your project you will be assessed on a range of criteria.

Assessing the Analysis