Revision Approaches

Active Recall.

Before we go through the activities that will (hopefully) help you to revise we are going to watch a YouTube clip which explains what 'active recall' is and why it is important to engage in this process of revision.

Changing Population

As you have now learnt it is vital to move away from just reading through your notes to methods of 'active recall' to increase your brain's capacity to hold information. Follow the steps below to go through an active recall activity:

      1. Collect the worksheet below.
      2. Choose a colour. Write everything you know about point one on the worksheet. You will have five minutes to do this.
      3. We will then discuss as a group the knowledge that you already retain.
      4. Choose a different colour to write in from the one used in point two. You will be given a further five minutes to consult your notes and add information to the box you have just written in.
      5. Choose a third colour to write in. Turn your page over. In corresponding box to that you have just written in create a series of questions to test yourself.
      6. Share your questions with the group and add any created by your peers that will help you to test yourself.
      7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for all of the boxes on the worksheet.
      8. Now comes the really hard part! When you revise this unit only use the questions to help you to recall the content and understanding for each syllabus point.
Changing Population

Global Climate - Vulnerability and Resilience and Global Resource Consumption and Security

Now you have learnt how to do the above active recall revision strategy you can now apply this to the other units within the course. Below are a series of worksheets that break down the different units for Paper Two.

Global Climate - Vulnerability and Resilience