003 - The Land Between Two Rivers

Key Concept

To have knowledge of the growth of the Mesopotamian civilisation.

Key Terminology

  • City-State
  • Empire
  • Scribe
  • Code
Define the above terms using a dictionary.


  • As you watch the clip below mind map all the achievements of the Mesopotamian civilisation.

Mesopotamia: Crash Course

Mesopotamia From Nomads to Farming


Answer the following questions using your 'Ancient World' text book and the clips above.
  1. Where is Mesopotamia located?
  2. Where are the two important rivers located in Mesopotamia?
  3. What is a city-state?
  4. Draw a labelled diagram of a Sumerian city.
  5. Describe the different religions in Sumer.
  6. Why did Sumer lose its power in 2300BC?
  7. Describe how people farmed the land in Mesopotamia.


  • Make notes on the clip below.

Fall of Assyria and the Great Chaldean Empire (Babylonian Empire)

Answer the following questions using your notes from the clip above and the 'Ancient World' text book.
  1. What is an empire?
  2. When did Babylonia reach its height of power?
  3. What did Babylonia and Assyria have in common?
  4. Describe how the Babylonian empire developed its trade and wealth.
  5. Describe Assyria's contributions towards war?
  6. Who defeated the Assyrian empire?
  7. How did Babylonia rise again?


Turning Points in History

Discover - Development of Writing

Using the clips above and your 'Ancient Times' text book answer the following questions.
  1. What is a code?
  2. Describe Hammurabi's code?
  3. Why are laws important for everyone?
  4. What is a scribe?
  5. What was the importance of ancient scribes?
  6. Why could early scribes write on clay?
  7. How was writing invented?

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