004 - Manipulation of Resources

Significant Concept

To have knowledge of how Gandhi manipulated resources in India to influence the decolonisation process.


Key Terminology

  • Manipulation

Mind Mapping

  1. Mind map everything you know about India and Gandhi.
  2. As a group we will discuss what knowledge you are bringing to class.


  • As you watch the clips try and answer the questions below:

was happening in India to encourage independence? What is 'satyagraha'?

did the independence movement grow in India? When did independence occur?
did Gandhi live? Why did he live there? 
did Gandhi use non-violent forms of protest? 
were the main leaders in India. What were their personalities like?

did Gandhi manipulate the resources that India could produce locally? What impact did this have?
What were the positive impacts of partition from the British?
What were the negative impacts of partition from the British



Your task is to write an obituary on the life and accomplishments of Gandhi. This can be written from the period of time directly after Gandhi's death or from a more recent decade. Try and include the following points:

  • Define key terms such as decolonisation
  • Key facts - death, birth, date of independence
  • Gandhi's personality and the impact of it
  • Raising awareness of the issues  - segregation, inequality, racism, manipulation of resources, how was this done? Success?
  • Long term impacts of Gandhi's life
  • No more than 1200 words
  • Structure - thesis statement, topic sentence, conclusion (5 paragraph essay)
  • Evidence
  • Images
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Bibliography


You will be assessed on Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding and D: Communicating.