002 - Labour Flows

Syllabus Point

Explain (AO2) the causes and effects of one major flow of labour between two countries.

Taken From: http://ak.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/4964354/preview/stock-footage-zooming-busy-city-pedestrian-traffic-time-lapse-of-times-square-area-using-a-circular-blur-effect.jpg

Key Terminology

      • Explain
      • Labour flow
      • Push and pull factors
Define the words using the command word posters in the classroom, your text book 'Global Interactions' by Guinness or the link provided below:

Taken From: www.bbc.co.uk

Activity One - Identify

  1. What does the image below represent?
  2. How does it help to explain why people may migrate due to economic reasons?
Taken From: geographymonkey.com

Activity Two - Case Study

  • Develop a case study for labour flows. You will need to include the following:

      1. The causes of the migration - remember to look at the social, economic, environmental and political factors for movement - all will help to create a 'push' for an economic migrant.
      2. Impact of the labour flow on the country of origin - think SEEP
      3. Impact of the labour flow in the country of destination/ host country - think SEEP
      4. Looking at the evidence in points 2 and 3 do you think labour flows should be managed? If so, how? You could also use evidence from your own experiences or from what you have read in the news.